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To Download Materials from the Third International Conference
on Marine Mammal Protected Areas
#ICMMPA3 related to
Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs),
please go to

Assessing New Zealanders’ Willingness-to-pay to
Protect the Endangered New Zealand Dolphin
Cephalorhynchus hectori): A Benefit-Cost Analysis
Comparing Three Scenarios
, A WDC-Economists at
Large Report, 20 pages, July 2014.


Marine Protected Areas Encyclopedia article
Hoyt_2009_Marine Protected Areas_EMM.pdf 
Article on MPAs in the Encyclopedia of Marine
2nd Edition, 2009, edited by WF Perrin, B Würsig, JGM Thewissen.

Whale Watching Encyclopedia article - Hoyt_2009_Whale Watching_EMM.pdf

Article on whale watching in the Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, 2nd

Edition, 2009, edited by WF Perrin, B Würsig and JGM Thewissen.

The Performing Orca - The Performing Orca EH.pdf

104-page WDC investigative report by Erich Hoyt exploring the

capture and captivity of cetaceans, primarily orcas, for entertainment

in places such as SeaWorld.

Whale Watching in Europe - Europewwguide.pdf

Popular WDCS guide to some of the best whale watching in Europe:

land-based sites, tour operators and recommended best practice.

Toward a New Ethic for Whale Watching - NewEthicWWHoyt.pdf

Chapter by Erich Hoyt published in the 2003 book Between Species:

Celebrating the Dolphin-Human Bond (edited by T Frohoff and B Peterson).

Whale Watching 2001  - Hoyt WW 2001 Report.pdf

158-page IFAW report on the socioeconomics of whale watching

country-by-country around the world. Whale watching is a USD $1.25

billion industry with more than 10 million participants annually.

Marine Ecotourism in Russia - Whale Watching in Russia.pdf

84-page WDCS report on the potential for whale watching and marine

ecotourism in Russia – a guide for companies, conservation groups and

individuals setting up marine ecotours in Russia, published May 2006,

bilingual edition in Russian and English.

A Blueprint for Dolphin and Whale Watching Development

Humane Society International manual by Erich Hoyt in English and Spanish,

Feb. 2007. French, Indonesian and Japanese versions also available,

co-sponsored by WDC, IFAW and the French MPA Agency, with HSI.

Expanded and substantially revised English edition available as a

Kindle ebook April 2012.

WW Blueprint-Spanish.pdf



The State of Whale Watching in Latin America - English.pdf Spanish.pdf

French.pdf. The latest 2008 socioeconomic report covering a region with

rapid growth and solid community benefits, 60 pages.


Marine Ecotourism and MPAs on Atlantic Islands — 100498.pdf

Paper in Biology and Environment, Proceedings Royal Irish

Academy, Nov 2005, by Erich Hoyt, on socioeconomics of high quality

whale watching and the link between marine ecotourism and MPAs

in the Atlantic islands region.

Whale Watching vs. Whaling, Caribbean case study — cmg-p381-399.pdf

Paper for Coastal Management weighing the compatibility of

whale watching and whaling, using the Caribbean as a case study,

written by Erich Hoyt and Glen Hvenegaard.

Status of orcas in Kamchatka, Russia  — Tarasyan (Keys for the status of).pdf

Far East Russia Orca Project (FEROP) paper on status of killer whales in Kamchatka.

Resident and transient-type killer whales in Kamchatka, Russia  — SC56SM15.pdf

FEROP paper on resident and transient-type killer whales in southeast Kamchatka presented at the IWC Scientific Committee in 2004.

Using a mobile hydrophone stereo system for real-time acoustic localization of killer whales  —  Filatova_et_al 2006.pdf  FEROP paper on building and using a mobile hydrophone stereo system for monitoring and recording whales and dolphins.

The structure of the discrete call repertoire of killer whales Orcinus orca from southeast Kamchatka — (03)Filatova.pdf  2007 FEROP paper in BioAcoustics uncovering a new acoustic relationship among communities of killer whales.

Status of killer whales in Kamchatka, Russia based on Photo-ID and Acoustic Studies. Preliminary results — SC59SM4.pdf  FEROP paper for IWC Scientific Committee, 2007.

The latest papers on Russian killer whales from the Far East Russia Orca Project (FEROP) — 2009-2012:

The function of multi-pod aggregations of fish-eating killer whales (Orcinus Orca) in Kamchatka, Far East Russia — function of multi-pod aggregations.pdf  2009 FEROP paper in Journal of Ethology. Read the BBC News article on on this paper here.

The social organization of resident-type killer whales (Orcinus Orca) in Avacha Gulf, Northwest Pacific, as revealed through association patterns and acoustic similarity — 2009 FEROP paper in Mammalian Biology. Ivkovich et al 2009.pdf.

Usage of monophonic and biphonic calls by free-ranging resident killer whales (Orcinus Orca) in Kamchatka, Russian Far East — 2009 FEROP paper in Acta Ethologica. BiphonicPaperActaEthologica.pdf

Horizontal transmission of call features in killer whale dialects — 2010 FEROP paper in Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Evolution of Language. Evolang_Filatova_Hoyt_Burdin2010.pdf

Responses of Kamchatkan fish-eating killer whales to playbacks of conspecific calls — 2011 FEROP paper in Marine Mammal Science. Abstract online.

Competing conservation objectives for predators and prey: Estimating killer whale prey requirements for chinook salmon to playbacks of conspecific calls — 2011 PLoS ONE paper (

Call diversity in the North Pacific killer whale populations: implications for dialect evolution and population history — March 2012 FEROP paper in Animal Behaviour as well as “Featured Article” editorial. [doi:10.1016/j.anbehav.2011.12.013]. Filatova_et_al_2012_An_Behav_KW_Dialect_Comparisons.pdf 


TECHNICAL BOOKS                 

The Killer Whales of Eastern Kamchatka

157-page book published Dec. 2006 by Alaska SeaLife Centre containing catalog of killer whale dorsal fins from eastern Kamchatka, Russia, with color portfolio of images, acoustic catalog and introductions to Russian orca status, research history and other findings. In English and Russian. Written and produced by Alexander Burdin, Erich Hoyt, Hal Sato and Olga Filatova; introduction by Shannon Atkinson. [ISBN: 0-9785436-2-9] To obtain a pdf copy, you will need to download 4 files:

1. Killer Whale cover 11-17.pdf (1 MB) 

2. Killer Whales of Kamchatka 1.pdf (5.1 MB)   

3. Pages from Killer Whales of Kamchatka 2.pdf (4.3 MB)  

4. Pages from Killer Whales of Kamchatka 3.pdf (6.9 MB)

For enquiries about buying a hard copy, click here.

Published Oct. 2009:  Marine Mammals of Russia • Морские млекопитающие России

First handbook to all the marine mammals of Russia. First edition available in Russian only.  Burdin, A.M., Filatova, O.A., Hoyt, E. 2009. Морские млекопитающие России. (Marine Mammals of Russia). Kirov Regional Printing House, plc, Kirov, 208pp. [ISBN: 978-5-88186-850-5] For more information about obtaining a copy, click here. Or you can download a pdf copy in 5 files:

1. marmam_russia1.pdf (1.7 MB)

2. marmam_russia2.pdf (3.9 MB)

3. marmam_russia3.pdf (8.1 MB)

4. marmam_russia4.pdf (6.5 MB)

5. marmam_russia5.pdf (2.7 MB)


A sample of the sounds of killer whales or orcas. This .wav file plays the dialect of the Avacha orca clan from southeastern Kamchatka, Russia, in the main FEROP study area. To listen, click on Avacha_clan.wav.


World Marine Protected Areas Poster Map - MarineProtectedAreasForWhalesPOSTER2011-FINAL.pdf

This A1 and A0-size poster from WDC, produced by Lesley and Calvin Frampton and Erich Hoyt with illustrations by Pieter Folkens, is for sale in a printed version in single or multiple copies, but you can download a copy here for free.

Costa Rica Dome Proposed MPA Poster -

From ICMMPA conference in Maritinique, Nov. 2011. Available on request.

Hebrides Marine Reserve and Cetacean Network proposal MPA Poster -

From ICMMPA conference in Maritinique, Nov. 2011. Available on request.

South American River Dolphins Protected Area Network (SARDPAN) Poster - SARDPAN-Maui.pdf  This poster was presented at the First International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas, Maui, Hawaii, 30 March—3 April 2009.

Proposed Ross Sea Marine Protected Area in Antarctica - Ross Sea Poster 24 x 24.pdf

This poster was presented at the First International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas, Maui, Hawaii, 30 March—3 April 2009.

SYMPOSIUM & WORKSHOP Programs and Proceedings

Closing Keynote by Erich Hoyt, Second International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas (ICMMPA), Presented Nov. 2011, Fort-de-France, Martinique - Erich Hoyt Keynote ICMMPA2 Martinique 10.11.11.pdf

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas (ICMMPA) 2012, Fort-de-France, Martinique (Hoyt, E, editor) - Available June 2012.

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas (ICMMPA) 2009 (Reeves, RR, editor) - First ICMMPA Conference March 30-April 3, 2009.pdf

New Tales about Whales in Science, Society & Art Symposium Program, Tokyo, Dec 2010 - New Tales about Whales Symposium Programme.pdf

Erich Hoyt’s Introductory Symposium Speech - E.Hoyt New Tales about Whales Symposium Talk 10Dec FINAL.pdf

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