I have spent most of my life working with whales and dolphins and other ocean creatures in more than 50 countries. I have also worked in the rain forest — looking at ant societies and rain forest ecosystems. I love new frontiers and I see my writing as a chance to explore the outer edges of what we know about wild animals, the ocean and the Earth; to give a voice to these other lives; and to try to shape in a positive way the human relationship to wild nature. 
Please visit my blog or any of the other  links on this page. The books section gives a preview of the books I have written, with reviews collected by my publishers. To buy a book (shipping anywhere in the world) go to erichhoytbooks.com or your favorite bookseller site. More info offers downloads of papers, articles, reports, poster-maps and whale and dolphin sounds. See the talks page for more about the talks and presentations I give.

Following the November 2014 Third International Conference on Marine Mammal Protected Areas in Adelaide with its focus on “Important Marine Mammal Areas — IMMAs”  and presentations to the IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney, my co-chair on the IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara and I have been planning how to take this initiative forward. This work is being co-ordinated through WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, an international conservation group based in the UK, US, Germany, Australia and Latin America, together with the International Committee on Marine Mammal Protected Areas and our Task Force. You can find out more at cetaceanhabitat.org, mmpatf.org and icmmpa.org.
                                                                                                                                                — Erich Hoyt

Free 2015 Orca Calendar from the Far East Russia Orca Project. You can download the 2015 calendar (6 Mb) here: FEROP Calendar 2015(2).pdf, or by clicking on the calendar picture at right. For more information and updates about the Far East Russia Orca Project, please check out our website, or join our facebook page.

Nov.-Dec. 2014: The worldwide publication of the new, expanded Creatures of the Deep with all new state-of-the-art photographs and new accounts of deep ocean discoveries. Amazon and other sites are now shipping the book. Convenient links are below. Reviews of the previous edition are here.

US: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesusa                    Germany: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesgermany       
Canada: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturescanada       France: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesfrance
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July 2014: Economic report shows New Zealanders are willing to pay more tax, and to pay more for their fish ‘n‘ chips in order to save their native New Zealand Dolphins  — On my downloads page, you can access the full report “Assessing New Zealanders’ Willingness-to-pay to Protect the Endangered New Zealand Dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori): A Benefit-Cost Analysis Comparing Three Scenarios,” A WDC-Economists at Large Report, 20 pages, July 2014.

June 2014: New book on sharks — Sharks have been suffering all-out exploitation for shark fins as well as direct fishing and shark bycatch in drift nets. This new book from Earthscan/ Routledge, gives the latest conservation status, legal background and presents case studies as well as recommendations for management. I was pleased to be invited to write a chapter on sanctuaries and marine protected areas for sharks as well as on shark tourism. Some countries are now beginning to protect the sharks in their waters, and shark tours are growing in popularity. The book is available from larger bookstores in the UK and US or by ordering online through Routledge or online book retailers.

May 2014: Nine Stop lecture tour to Northwest US and Canada — Most venues were sold out on my 9-stop speaking tour in the Northwest US and Canada with Donna Sandstrom and The Whale Trail. Places included: Saturna Island, BC, Canada (May 3), Port Townsend, Washington, USA (May 7), Port Angeles, WA (May 8), Newport, Oregon (May 10), San Francisco, CA (May 13), Monterey, CA (May 14), Santa Cruz, CA (May 15), Seattle, WA (May 18), and Vancouver, BC, Canada (May 20). There were receptions in most places and ample Q and A time, plus books, posters and other materials available for sale. Some talks were free; others had a small charge. We hope to do it again later this year or next year! For more information, click here. 

Apr. 2014: New Book on Whale Watching from James Higham, Lars Bejder and Rob Williams — Definitive, scholarly work treating all aspects of whale watching: How did it get started? Does it harm whales? What can we do to improve whale watching? Full disclosure: I have a chapter in the book, but I don’t make anything from the sales. In any case, anyone involved professionally with whale watching needs to read this book. Published by Cambridge University Press, it is available from Amazon and good bookshops everywhere.

2014: New eBook, all formats — Orca: The Whale Called Killer, the book that started the discussion on orcas and the debate about keeping them captive, has now been re-released as an eBook on Amazon and other eBook sites worldwide from publisher Firefly.

The Winter Killer Whale Festival in Grundarfjörður, Iceland, in February 2014, was fantastic! — It was my second year running. This year, I gave two talks: Killer Whales in Canada and Russia from “Stubbs” to “Iceberg” and Making Homes for Whales and Dolphins. Safe to say that this is the best winter orca watching in the world, and some of the best orca watching of all. On top of that, we had northern lights. Discover the World is planning to run the Winter Killer Whale Festival in Feb. 2015 but exact dates have not yet been announced. More information here.

Give Weird Sea Creatures for Christmas! My new deep sea book for ages 10 to adult, just published 2013 in the US, Canada & in the UK, widely 
and well reviewed, such as this write-up in Kirkus Reviews: 
    "Close-up photos of 50 creatures—gathered, mostly, from ocean deeps—demonstrate that even our own planet’s residents can look really, really alien. The main event is prefaced by an introductory essay explaining the photographers’ methods as well as the mechanisms of bioluminescence and other adaptations to deep sea conditions...Eerie, riveting eye candy for budding biologists and casual browsers alike."

For more information on the book, go here.

Hardcover or paperback copies can be ordered from any of the Amazon sites. In the US, click here. And in the UK, click here. Or you can order signed copies here.

Announcing the first ebook edition of Seasons of the Whale, revised and expanded....
Seasons of the Whale ebook, available on kindle, updates the fates of Comet, Stripe and the other known blue, humpback and right whales loved by researchers and the public. 25 years ago,  I began researching and writing this story as US and Canadian scientists tried to unravel what had happened following severe pollution events in the western North Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting story, told largely from the whales’ point of view, was a call for all of us to take much greater care with what we were putting into and what we were doing to the ocean. Now, in 2013, this 8th newly revised and expanded edition of the book makes us realize that the problems have not disappeared, yet there are many positive signs, too, in the persistence of even the most endangered whales and the growing relationships between whales and people.

The book is available for instant download from:
ErichHoytBooks.com: http://erichhoytbooks.com
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/XBIFOY
Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/10iiP0W
Amazon.de (Germany): http://amzn.to/YX8mW0 
Amazon.fr (France): http://amzn.to/14AGZrL
Amazon.es (Spain): http://amzn.to/X9mJsZ
Amazon.ca (Canada): http://amzn.to/ZwTcGe
Amazon.co.jp (Japan): http://amzn.to/10iYuZa

Outstanding Academic Book Awards for 2012: The influential journal CHOICE in the US has selected Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises as one of the Outstanding Academic books of 2012 (Choice, Feb 2013 issue). CHOICE called the book “Essential...for all academic, general, and professional audiences.” 

The world’s whale watching community met at Whale Fest Oct 25-28, 2012, in Brighton. 
On Oct. 25, I spoke on “Identifying & Protecting the Critical Habitat of Whales & Dolphins”, Whale Fest, Planet Whale Conference, Brighton, UK.

Name and Logo change — Oct. 2012: On its 25th birthday, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), an international conservation group based in the UK, US, Germany, Australia and Latin America, with projects in more than 40 countries, has changed its name to WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation and it has a new logo, too. In April 2013 the new website will go live: www.whales.org.

Iceberg update: Sept 2013. No sign of Iceberg, the white bull orca — this is the story despite having two teams on the water off Kamchatka and Bering Island for most of the summer, despite searching the waters around the Commander Islands where Iceberg was last seen. We did find an albino reindeer calf and a young albino fur seal, both on Bering Island. Snow patches persist here year-round so it is tempting to think that it’s partly camouflage for white land mammals. The reindeer often stand on the snow to cool down and probably to avoid the squadrons of Russian steel-beaked mosquitoes that embraced our research team and kept us company all summer. When we meet Iceberg or our other two white orca friends, I will post the news here, on our russianorca facebook page, and on my facebook page.

Rio+20: 21 June 2012 Blog.

Happy World Oceans Day: 8 June 2012. Read my blog from last year’s World Oceans Day about Asher Jay and her art installation “Message in a Bottle”. Then take a look at her lovely, haunting video of the 100 bottles.

4 May 2012: Iceberg — the white bull orca, marine media-star….and much more. The media reporting over the past 2 weeks about the existence of Iceberg — an all-white mature male killer whale, or orca, seen off the Commander Islands, Far East Russia — travelled across the world. The media reports also stimulated fruitful reactions, including debates among scientists, about whether Iceberg is an albino, or whether there is another reason for his whiteness. Is Iceberg the only all-white male orca bull in the wild, or are there others? Read more here.

22 April 2012: Introducing “Iceberg” — an extremely rare, all white
mature male orca. Shown at right and in the above photo with his family, Iceberg lives in the waters of the Commander Islands, Far East Russia. Find out more about him and our 14-year project to study orcas and other whales in Russia in my blog, the Shifting Values blog, russianorca.com and in this video.

In 2012, the Beautiful Whale Project, launched in Tokyo December 2010, is working with international conservation groups WDC and IFAW and Hunter Hall (Australia) to give funds to Japanese whale watch operations affected by the tsunami. The symposium ‘New Tales about Whales in Science, Society & Art’ at United Nations University and the events and exhibition Eye to Eye with the Whale at Temporary Contemporary Gallery, featured the life-size whale photographs of Bryant Austin and the animations of Haruyoshi Kawai. For more information, please see beautifulwhale.com and beautifulwhale.jp (Japanese) and my blog entry.

New Poster MAP of the world’s marine protected areas and sanctuaries to celebrate the 2011 publication of Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises is available now for free download or hard copy. Enquire here. 

The fully updated 2nd edition of Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises became available Sept. 2011 (a WDC book published by Earthscan, London and New York). In May, another Earthscan-WDC book was published: Whales and Dolphins: Cognition, Culture, Conservation and Human Perceptions, edited by Philippa Brakes and Mark Simmonds. Highly recommended! Both books can be ordered from any of the Amazon sites, from WDC’s Bookshop, Earthscan or ErichHoytBooks.com.

Announcing the formation of the High Seas Alliance to secure marine protected 
areas on the 64% of the world ocean that is on the high seas. Read more here.

Also new for 2012-13: 
Insect Lives and the 1st and 2nd editions of Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises are now available in Kindle editions for download from Amazon.
May 2012. The first in a new series of professional whale watching handbooks launched on Amazon Kindle and on other e-book formats. See Nature Editions for more information or go directly to Amazon to download or sample the first book in the series: Whale Watching Blueprint — I. Setting up a marine ecotourism operation. Here are links for Amazon: USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan.

New scientific papers and reports on orcas, marine protected areas, whale watching, and other subjects published 2010-2013, are available for download as PDF copies here.


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