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Welcome to ErichHoyt.com

I have spent most of my life working with whales and dolphins and other ocean creatures in more
than 50 countries. I have also worked in the rain forest — looking at ant societies and rain forest
ecosystems. I love new frontiers and I see my writing as a chance to explore the outer edges of

what we know about wild animals, the ocean and the Earth; to give a voice to these other lives;
and to try to shape in a positive way the human relationship to wild nature.

Please feel free to visit my blog or any of the other  links on this page. The books section gives
a preview of the books I have written, with reviews collected by my publishers. The downloads
page offers downloads of papers, articles, reports, poster-maps and whale and dolphin sounds.
See the talks page for more about the talks and presentations I give.

In 2015-16, following presentations at the Third International Conference on Marine Mammal
Protected Areas (ICMMPA 3) and the World Parks Congress, both in Australia, in November
2014, I am working with a core group to explore the use of a new tool called “Important Marine
Mammal Areas”, or IMMAs. Whales and dolphins and other marine mammals have largely been
left out of habitat protection efforts in national waters and on the high seas. The identification
and mapping of IMMAs is urgently needed. For more information about the Task Force we have
set up within IUCN, you can read more here. This work is being coordinated through the Critical
Habitat Marine Protected Areas Programme of WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, an
international conservation group based in the UK, US, Germany, Australia and Latin America,
and through Tethys Research Institute.

                                                                                                                             — Erich Hoyt


Feb 2015. Humpback whales of the Russian Far East - Photo ID Catalogue published by

Russian Geographical Society
You can download a copy here: Каталог_горбачей 2014.pdf.

Free 2015 Orca Cal
endar from the Far East Russia Orca
Project (FEROP).
You can download the 2015 calendar (6 Mb) here:
FEROP Calendar 2015(2).pdf.  For more information and
updates about the Far East Russia Orca Project (FEROP),
please check out our
website, or join our facebook page.

Nov.-Dec. 2014: The worldwide publication of the new,
expanded Creatures of the Deep
with all new state-of-the-art
photographs and new accounts of deep ocean discoveries.
Amazon and other sites have the book at discount. Convenient
links are below. Reviews from the current and previous
edition are

US: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesusa                    Germany: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesgermany      

Canada: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturescanada       France: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesfrance

UK: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesuk                      Spain: http://bitly.com/creaturesespana

Japan: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesjapan            Italy: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesitaly

China: http://bitly.com/hoytcreatureschina             India: http://bitly.com/hoytcreaturesindia

May 2014: Nine Stop lecture tour to Northwest
US and Canada
— Most venues were sold out on
my 9-stop speaking tour in the Northwest US and
Canada with Donna Sandstrom and The Whale Trail.
Places included: Saturna Island, BC, Canada (May 3),
Port Townsend, Washington, USA (May 7), Port
Angeles, WA (May 8), Newport, Oregon (May 10),
San Francisco, CA (May 13), Monterey, CA (May 14),
Santa Cruz, CA (May 15), Seattle, WA (May 18), and
Vancouver, BC, Canada (May 20). There were
receptions in most places and ample Q and A time,
plus books, posters and other materials available for
sale. Some talks were free; others had a small charge.
We hope to do it again in 2015!

For more information, click here.


© 2015 Erich Hoyt. All rights reserved.