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Narrative nonfiction (author)

Orca: The Whale Called Killer (Five editions: Dutton, New York; Hale, London; Firefly, Toronto; Dobutsu Sha, Tokyo; Kindle eBook, ePub edition; Firefly, 5th expanded edition, 9/2019)

The Earth Dwellers (Six editions: Simon & Schuster, New York;
Touchstone, New York; Kagaku Asahi, Tokyo; Hainan, China; Mainstream, UK)

Large format illustrated narrative nonfiction (author)

  Seasons of the Whale (Eight editions: Chelsea Green, US; Nimbus, Canada; Mainstream, Edinburgh & London; Marcel Broquet, Montreal & Paris; HSI, Washington, DC; WDCS, UK; Nature Editions, UK, e-book)

  Creatures of the Deep (Two editions: Firefly, Toronto, New York, 2001 and 2014)

  Encyclopedia of Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises (Firefly, Toronto, New York, 2017)

Large format illustrated nonfiction (with co-authors as noted)

Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises (with Mark Carwardine, Ewan Fordyce and Peter Gill) (Nineteen editions: Harper-Collins, London;Time-Life/Discovery Channel, New York; Fog City Press, San Francisco; Könemann, Germany, France and Netherlands; Planeta, others)

Sharks & Whales (with Leighton Taylor and Mark Carwardine)  (Fog City Press, San Francisco; other editions)

Anthologies (as editor and co-author)

Insect Lives (with Ted Schultz) (Five editions: Wiley, New York; Harvard University
Press, Cambridge; Mainstream, Edinburgh & London; Amazon Kindle edition)

Academic books (with co-authors as noted)

Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises (Earthscan, Taylor & Francis, London and New York) (First edition, 2005; Second, completely revised edition, 2011)

Humpback Whales of Russian Far East Seas. Photo-ID Catalog 2004-2014. (with Alexander Burdin and Olga Titova) (Russian Geographical Society, Moscow, Russia)

The Killer Whales of Eastern Kamchatka (with Alexander Burdin, Olga Filatova and Hal Sato) (Alaska SeaLife Centre, USA)

Marine Mammals of Russia (with Alexander Burdin and Olga Filatova) (Kirov, Russia)

The Performing Orca (WDCS, UK)

Conserving the Wild Relatives of Crops (Six editions: Addison-Wesley, Boston & México DF; WWF-IUCN-IPGRI, Geneva and Rome; BRG, Paris; IBAMA, Brasilia;  and others)

Children’s nonfiction (author)

Weird Sea Creatures (Firefly, Toronto, New York)

Whale Rescue (Firefly, Toronto, New York)

Meeting the Whales (Camden House, Firefly, Toronto, New York)

Riding with the Dolphins (Camden House, Firefly, Toronto, New York)

Extinction A-Z (Enslow, NJ)

Guide books (author)

The Whale Watcher’s Handbook (Six editions: Doubleday, New York; Penguin, Toronto, London; Stein, Germany)

The Whales of Canada (Camden House, Firefly, Toronto, New York)

e-books (author, editor)

Whale Watching Blueprint I (Nature Editions, UK)

Insect Lives (Wiley, New York)

Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises (Earthscan, Taylor & Francis, New York & London)

Orca: The Whale Called Killer (Firefly, Toronto, New York)

Creatures of the Deep (Firefly, Toronto, New York)

Seasons of the Whale (Nature Editions, UK)

Chapters in books (author, partial list)

Whales and Dolphins: Cognition, Culture, Conservation and Human Perceptions (P. Brakes and M.P. Simmonds, editors; Earthscan/ Taylor & Francis, London and New York)

Sharks. Conservation, Governance and Management (Techera, E.J. and N. Klein, eds.), Routledge, New York and Oxford

Whale-watching. Sustainable Tourism and Ecological Management (Higham, J., Bejder, L. and R. Williams, eds.), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, 3rd edition (Würsig et al, editors, Academic Press, San Diego) — 2 articles

Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, 2nd edition (Perrin et al, editors, Academic Press, San Diego) — 2 articles

Between Species: Celebrating the Dolphin-Human Bond (T. Frohoff and B. Peterson, editors; Sierra Club Books)

Down to Earth (Michael Rosen, Editor; Harcourt Brace, San Diego, New York)

Ecotourism: Focus on Wildlife and Local Communities (Icfai University Press, Hyderabad, India)

Encyclopedia of the Biosphere: A Guide to the World's Ecosystems (Gale + Spanish and Catalan editions) — 5 sections

Political Life in Canada (Prentice-Hall, Toronto)

Caribbean Islands Handbook

Mexico Handbook

Greenpeace Book of Dolphins

Tools of the Writer’s Trade (ASJA, Harper Collins, New York)

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